Past and Present Tense

There’s a lot more to writing than I ever imagined.  I just re-read one of my chapters and noticed I go from past to present tense quite frequently.  I’m going to look tense up on the Internet and refresh my memory.  Also, I have to decide which tense is going to work for me and be consistent.

Stein’s book has a chapter on tense, so I think I’ll sit on the porch for a while and read.  Maybe that will help me straighten out my tenses.

This is getting more complicated by the day.  I hope I have the tenacity to stick with my project.


About suesmemoir

I'm a retired business teacher with a new endeavor. I'm hooked on creating a memoir for my family. I've been reading books about writing and taking college classes in order to make my work come alive. This is my first attempt at creative non-fiction. Prior to becoming engrossed in the craft of writing, I wrote college term papers and business letters. Please join me as I share the process with you and continue on my journey of memoir writing.
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2 Responses to Past and Present Tense

  1. Althea Boushie says:

    Sue, I am so glad that you are “up and running” once again after your computer crash. I am convinced that you have enough tenacity to see any project through. Ever corner you turn adds to your knowledge and skill as a writer. Althea

  2. Althea Boushie says:

    Sue, After “proof reading” my comment, I could have used an edit. Althea

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