I took the advice of one member from the Tuesday night group and reworked my short story.  I tried to add more detail and emotion.  I now realize that I don’t put enough of these two ingredients into my writing to make my work interesting.   When I write without description or feelings, then the writing is flat.  It’s that old SHOW DON’T TELL thing bugging me again.  I tend to just tell what happened without creating a scene.  I need to bring in the senses–touch, smell, taste, etc. and create a little tension in each scene.

I’m going to work on this all week and read my new, improved copy next week to see if I’m on the right track.



About suesmemoir

I'm a retired business teacher with a new endeavor. I'm hooked on creating a memoir for my family. I've been reading books about writing and taking college classes in order to make my work come alive. This is my first attempt at creative non-fiction. Prior to becoming engrossed in the craft of writing, I wrote college term papers and business letters. Please join me as I share the process with you and continue on my journey of memoir writing.
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