I Found A Group That Fits

I am truly enjoying the Tuesday night writing group.  It varies from two to ten participants each week.  They’re welcoming and supportive.  When they give advice, it’s usually right on track.  The nice part about their advice is that I don’t always have to take it, but it makes me look at what I’ve written with a more critical eye.  I have to remember the reader in all of this.  How will they feel?  Will they understand what I’ve written and will they want to continue reading?   For example, I wrote something about an ice box and one of the younger (young by my standards) thought I made a mistake and meant ice cubes.  That just shows that I do have to think more about the reader.  When I started writing, I wasn’t really considering the reader’s view of my writing.  The more I work at this, the more I learn.


About suesmemoir

I'm a retired business teacher with a new endeavor. I'm hooked on creating a memoir for my family. I've been reading books about writing and taking college classes in order to make my work come alive. This is my first attempt at creative non-fiction. Prior to becoming engrossed in the craft of writing, I wrote college term papers and business letters. Please join me as I share the process with you and continue on my journey of memoir writing.
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