Well, I read a few pages the other evening at one of my reading groups.  They were from a chapter that I thought was pretty good.  In fact, I was almost ready to stamp the chapter, COMPLETE.

Unfortunately, I’m back to the drawing board with my writing.  I always forget that a story has to have tension.  To create a story, there has to be something I want, something that gets in the way of achieving what I want, and then either a change in what I want or a solution.

When I reread my few pages, I had to agree.  So, I’m sitting here today adding tension.  That’s not really hard to do.  I have to put a few stumbling blocks in the way and, in life, there are always stumbling blocks.

Back to work.  Thank God for computers.  What did writer’s do when they had to write everything in longhand.  I would give up if I didn’t have a computer.  Cut and paste is my favorite thing.


About suesmemoir

I'm a retired business teacher with a new endeavor. I'm hooked on creating a memoir for my family. I've been reading books about writing and taking college classes in order to make my work come alive. This is my first attempt at creative non-fiction. Prior to becoming engrossed in the craft of writing, I wrote college term papers and business letters. Please join me as I share the process with you and continue on my journey of memoir writing.
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